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This is the ODOO CRM & ERP system: free as Open Source or as Enterprise, ODOO includes over
30 000 modules, has an innovative software structure, and is expandable quickly and cost-effectively. An intuitive user interface allows visualization & optimization of all business processes.

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    Why Odoo CRM & ERP at NetzExpert?


    To provide a consistently high level of service to you, our employees undergo regular training. Digitization in particular and the Internet in general are very fast-paced. What was a great solution yesterday is already outdated today. Only those who are always up to date can stand out in a crowd of competitors.

    Odoo CRM & ERP Training

    Wir schulen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter, zeigen Ihnen Odoo und die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten.

    Odoo CRM & ERP Consulting

    Need digitizing software?

    Then think about purchasing ODOO ERP. Why? Our local partners will be happy to give advice to you.

    Odoo Programming

    Ihnen fehlt ein Feature in Odoo?

    No problem, we will program it.

    Why trust us?

    The answer is simple: we rely on experienced employees who love what they do and do what they love. That‘s why all our team members are eager for knowledge and creative learning something new every day. And that‘s the only survival strategy in the world of programming!

    For you as a customer, it has a great advantage—we do not offer you yesterday‘s standardized solutions but collect ideas and reinvent our products every day. The composition of our team is in line with this—we have brought together leading experts from different countries.

    And each of them contributes their unique expertise.

    6 employees with a total of approx. 100 years of experience

    Mit 6 Mitarbeitern, die sich auf Odoo spezialisiert und viele unterschiedliche Odoo Module bereits entwickelt und realisiert haben, sind wir bestens aufgestellt. Das Beste daran – unser Team wird wohl nie aufhören, nach neuen, spannenden Produktideen zu suchen. Für Sie als Kunden hat das einen großen Mehrwert, denn das Odoo-Team sieht jedes neue Modul, das es speziell für Sie entwickelt, als spannende Herausforderung an.

    Become even more successful with third-party expertise. The world of programming is constantly changing. That‘s why it‘s so important to stay up to date. Since this is not always possible to the full extent using just your own resources, we have decided to outsource some areas and benefit from external expertise. We work exclusively with strong cooperation partners who are happy to share their knowledge in the following areas:

    Languages: Python, PHP. - Frameworks: Tornado, Django, Flask, Zend, Symphony. - Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL

    Our prices!

    Initial consultation is free!

     Total up to 100 hours

    • Odoo Consulting €80 per hour

      We show you and your employees how to use the Odoo.

    • Odoo Customization €80 per hour

      We undertake the programming of modules to fit your needs and customization of existing modules.

    • Configuration €80 per hour

      We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

    from 100 to 500 hours

    • Odoo Consulting €70 per hour

      We show you and your employees how to use the Odoo.

    • Odoo Customization €70 per hour

      We undertake the programming of modules to fit your needs and customization of existing modules.

    • Configuration €70 per hour

      We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

    from 500 to 1,000+ hours

    • Odoo Consulting €65 per hour

      We show you and your employees how to use the Odoo.

    • Odoo Customization €65 per hour

      We undertake the programming of modules to fit your needs and customization of existing modules.

    • Configuration €65 per hour

      We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

    Services From Us—Your Odoo CRM & ERP Partner

    If you want to keep up with the times, you should remain flexible. That‘s why we offer a variety of channels for you to get to know the Odoo and start using it efficiently soon. No matter the way—directly on-site or as a smart remote service via Skype, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or RedMine—as long as the goal is achieved.

    Free Initial Consultation

    The concepts of advice and trust are closely linked. As part of our free initial consultation, we get to know each other and determine together what personalized solution you need. During the initial consultation, we not only create a roadmap to success but also show how you can use the customized Odoo modules to automate your processes in a planned manner. Talk to us—we look forward to receiving a non-binding inquiry from you.


    Want to advance digitization in your company?
    We will show you how it works!


    What makes sense and what doesn‘t? Positioning your company in the digital market!


    Since the Odoo includes thousands of modules, we recommend that you introduce your employees to the system step by step.


    The requirements and the modular structure differ depending on the industry.


    In many cases, a relaunch only gets scheduled when long overdue.


    Introducing novelties in the company is often associated with uncertainty. What is useful?


    In a highly competitive market, it is important to know your competitors well.


    Want to build a team for your company and need a team lead for your project? Then we are the right company for you.

      Founded in the year 2004

          CeBIT 2007

          2007, Russia was our partner country at CeBIT in Hanover, the world's largest trade fair for information technology. Under the motto “Cooperation between Russia and Germany,“ I gave a talk in front of more than 100 companies present and was able to experience once again that even a one-man company can stand up to large corporations such as Microsoft and others and be taken seriously.

          Russia was assigned a BITKOM 2007 partner country within the framework of German-Russian cooperation in the IT industry. The project, “Russia as a CeBIT 2007 partner country,“ was accompanied by Deutsche Messe AG. This assignment aimed to draw the attention of the ICT sector in Germany to a wide range of opportunities that the Russian market and collaboration with Russian companies and research organizations yield.

          Overall, the German-Russian cooperation is developing well and relies on the exceptional strengths of Russian ICT experts and their experience in accomplishing technically demanding and often system-level tasks.

          It was a great honor for me and my young company to be mentioned in the same breath as the big competitors and prove that small companies can do just as much as large corporations. It was important for me—and still is today—not to experience pleasure from the failures of other companies but to learn from their mistakes. At the same time, by looking at successful companies, you can also learn something.


          A lectureship in Electronic Business at the Welfen Academy. He taught the subjects of Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing to students majoring in Information Management. Mr. Neugebauer carried absolute conviction in this teaching assignment, and the students could benefit from his outstanding knowledge.


          CeBIT 2010

          Held under the motto “Connected Worlds“, with Spain being a partner country. In my business, it was, in particular, about Joomla, a widely used free content management system (CMS) for creating websites. It was the first time Joomla was presented at this trade fair.

          At that time, the spectrum of visitors ranged from amateurs who were in the process of familiarizing themselves with the topic and users who were successfully introducing the system to professionals who had already succeeded in using Joomla. The audience was global because, in addition to many German developers, there were also visitors to the stand from neighboring countries as well as the USA and Asia.

          I was particularly interested in the discussions about innovations that raised numerous questions but also offered solutions. The spectrum ranged from easily resolvable problems that could be fixed with some CSS, for example, to more profound questions about extensions, problems of technical nature going deep into the system.

          It became clear that there was good cooperation between developers and marketing people in the evening after CeBIT closed its doors. They met for a joint dinner with a lessons learned session, an exchange of impressions, and a feedback analysis.


          From 2010 to this day

          WE WORK ACCORDING TO THE SINGLE SOURCE PRINCIPLE internally and with many outsourcing agencies.


          We opted for this all-in-one solution because it offers a multitude of advantages and, at the same time, meets our goals. Its benefits at a glance:

          Short decision-making paths.
          It soon becomes clear what action will bring the desired result.

          Extensive communication with you and internally within our team.

          Harmonious interaction between technology and marketing.

          Our team of programmers dealing with different CMS systems & Shop systems can make the necessary changes and optimizations themselves and on time.

          You will have one contact person for all matters relating to your website.

          Our developers work closely with marketing specialists.

          We create a marketing strategy for you that is fully implementable and successful.

          We do not undertake any tasks we know from the start we cannot fulfill.

          Regular training for all our employees.
          Optimization of internal working procedures.

          Our CV shows that our company has been operating on the market for many years. That is why we can proudly look back at various successfully completed projects. For many years and throughout different projects, we have acquired extensive knowledge — and you can now benefit from this knowledge.


          We know many programs and shop systems and have already implemented a lot of customers‘ ideas in various systems. It means that we not only have a superficial knowledge of software or a shop system but also know everything about its core, its heart, i.e., how the system works. And as our customer, you benefit from precisely this knowledge. We will help you make the right decision regarding your software, your website, or your shop system.


          Our choice is always based on combining internal processes in a company with a marketing strategy. We know what activities will lead you to success and implement them together according to your requirements specification. We know what we‘re talking about.

          Odoo at Netzexpert also in Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Austria.

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