Odoo Services

If you want to keep up with the times, you should remain flexible. That‘s why we offer you a variety of channels for you to get to know the Odoo and start using it efficiently soon. No matter the way—directly on-site or as a smart remote service via Skype, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or RedMine—as long as the goal is achieved.

Free Initial Consultation

The concepts of advice and trust are closely linked. As part of our free initial consultation, we get to know each other and together determine what personalized solution you need. During the initial consultation, we not only create a roadmap to success but also show you how you can use the customized Odoo modules to automate your processes in a planned manner. Talk to us—we look forward to receiving a non-binding inquiry from you.

IT Support

Want to advance digitization in your company? We will show you how it works! Thanks to our many years of experience and international team expertise, we are always up to date and able to show you needs-based and solution-oriented digital concepts for your company. We would be happy to accompany you throughout the project implementation period and afterward so that you can allocate your resources to your core business.


The requirements differ depending on the industry—a modular structure and the wealth of Odoo interfaces make it a system that can be very well customized and used in almost every industry. Our team of experts will be happy to adjust an Odoo module to your specific needs—you will get a face-to-face consultation and quickly achieve measurable success with your Odoo module.

Company Analysis

What makes sense and what doesn‘t? Positioning your company in the digital market requires a realistic assessment of your digital competencies. For your system to display all the processes smoothly, it should either already exist or be about to be implemented. Only then will you be able to achieve your business goals effectively using the software. We will assist you in looking at it from different angles and show you Odoo’s possibilities. Trust our expertise.

Relaunch Support

In many cases, a relaunch only gets scheduled when long overdue. It results in numerous limitations in day-to-day business that could have been avoided with more careful planning. We are here for you in every phase of your relaunch—from planning and implementation to follow-up support. Together, we remove all stumbling blocks and ensure that your relaunch is a success from the SEO, SEM, and process optimization point of view. Benefit from our experience in carrying out plenty of relaunch projects.


Introducing novelties in the company is often associated with uncertainty. How should the processes be optimally designed? What is useful? Different Odoo modules can answer these and many other questions. With Odoo, you can learn about standard modules or get a solution tailored to suit your needs through individual module adjustments. A modular structure of the system makes it possible to introduce the modules gradually and without great effort. It’s very smart—if you use the Odoo, you also benefit from other people‘s knowledge and are always one step ahead of your competitors, thanks to permanent module extensions.

Training For Employees

Since the Odoo includes thousands of modules, we recommend that you introduce your employees to the system step by step. A modular structure of the system favors this process since Odoo modules can be connected or expanded step by step. In addition, we offer you numerous training opportunities so that the changeover runs smoothly and is well received by everyone. To success with the Odoo!

Industry Analysis

In a highly competitive market, it is important to know your competitors well. Through crawling, indexing, and making the results available, you get an overview and also keep an eye on the software the competition uses. In this way, you will be able to position yourself successfully in the long term. Find out right away how Odoo modules can help you.

Team Lead

Want to build a team for your company and need a team lead for your project? Then we are the right company for you. Whether it is about project planning or controlling, thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we can give you the best advice on outsourcing and provide exactly the support you need. Together, we will achieve your business goals even faster. Guaranteed!

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Our prices!

Initial consultation is free!

Total up to 100 hours

  • Odoo Consulting €80 per hour

    We show you and your employees how to use the Odoo.

  • Odoo Customization80 per hour

    We undertake the programming of modules to fit your needs and customization of existing modules.

  • Odoo Configuration  80 per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

from 100 to 500 hours

  • Odoo Consulting € 70 per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

  • Odoo Customization € 70per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

  • Odoo Configuration  € 70 per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

from 500 to 1,000+ hours

  • Odoo Consulting € 65 per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

  • Odoo Customization € 65er hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

  • Odoo Configuration  € 65 per hour

    We undertake the basic configuration of the Odoo and the server to fit your needs.

Why trust us?

The answer is simple: we rely on experienced employees who love what they do and do what they love. That‘s why all our team members are eager for knowledge and creative learning something new every day. And that‘s the only survival strategy in the world of programming!

For you as a customer, it has a great advantage—we do not offer you yesterday‘s standardized solutions but collect ideas and reinvent our products every day. The composition of our team is in line with this—we have brought together leading experts from different countries.

And each of them contributes their unique expertise.

6 employees with a total of approx. 100 years of experience

With 6 employees, who specialize in the Odoo and have already developed and implemented many different Odoo modules, we are well-equipped. The best thing about it is that our Odoo team will probably never stop looking for new, exciting product ideas. For you, as a customer, this creates significant added value because the Odoo team regards every new module they develop specifically for you as an exciting challenge.

Become even more successful with third-party expertise. The world of programming is constantly changing. That‘s why it‘s so important to stay up to date. Since this is not always possible to the full extent using just your own resources, we have decided to outsource some areas and benefit from external expertise. We work exclusively with strong cooperation partners who are happy to share their knowledge in the following areas:

Languages: Python, PHP. - Frameworks: Tornado, Django, Flask, Zend, Symphony. - Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL

further Services to be more successful

Web Design

A logo, a slider, or product photos—there is hardly any area we do not cover—either on our own or involving one of our authorized partners.


Need assistance with Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, or a remarketing campaign? Talk to us—we can help you.


We have been active on the Internet since 2004 and know what link building is all about. Depending on your industry, we offer you the optimal package to reach the top search engine positions.


Whether it is about an SEO audit, a semantic website analysis, or keyword research, we would be happy to provide advice and support to you—including in setting up a new company website. A combination of texts, SEO, and the page load is crucial for meeting the search engine standards, making it show up for searches.


As already mentioned, texts are the be-all and end-all of a website, a blog, or any other web page. We have professional specialist copywriters for you. Talk to us—we will assist you further, including with the conceptualization of textual content.

Social Media

Communicating with customers through social media is now indispensable. Such communication should bring you added value. And for it to be the case, we analyze your industry and tell you exactly whether and what is worth implementing in social media channels.

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